Dog License Canvasing:  The Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement will be conducting a license canvas in Chester County on May 9th.  Multiple wardens will be going door to door educating dog owners as well as checking the status of their dog licensing and rabies vaccinations.  Please click on the following link for further information:

East Nottingham Township Medicine Disposal Event:  East Nottingham Township will hold a medicine disposal event for safe disposal of unwanted and expired medicines.  The event will be held on Friday, April 20th from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm at the East Nottingham Township Municipal Building, 158 Election Road, Oxford, Pa 19363.  The event is sponsored by the Chester County Sheriff’s Department and the municipalities of the Oxford Area.

SPOTTED LANTERNFLY QUARANTINE:  The Chester County Health Department would like to make municipalities aware that Chester County is quarantined for Spotted Lanternfly. The quarantine is in place to stop the movement of this pest to new areas and to slow its spread within the quarantine. The quarantine affects a variety of plant, wood and stone products.

The Spotted Lanternfly (SLF) is an invasive insect new to the United States. Spotted Lanternflies are native to Southeast Asia, but they have been introduced to other areas of Asia as well—including to Korea, where Spotted Lanternflies are a major pest to agriculture to include major destruction of grapes, fruit-bearing trees and other plants. SLF are reproducing quickly in our area of south-eastern Pennsylvania, and Spotted Lanternflies have the potential to become a major threat to Pennsylvania’s agriculture and forestry industries.

The PA Department of Agriculture quarantine directs citizens and municipal authorities to follow guidelines to prevent the movement of SLF at any stage of development. These guidelines direct citizens to inspect all wood and vegetation that might leave the quarantined municipality. In addition, these guidelines direct citizens to inspect vehicles, trailers, and other mobile equipment prior to moving such equipment out of the quarantine.

Municipalities are encouraged to learn more about the Spotted Lanternfly, the quarantine, and available resources:

  • Chester County Health Department:

Contact the Chester County Health Department at 610-344-6225 for guidance.

State Road Bridge Replacement:  Penn DOT has completed construction and reopened the State Road Bridge over the Little Elk Creek.

CERT Basic Training Course:  CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) will host basic training designed to help prepare people to help themselves and others in the event of a catastrophic disaster.  The classes will be held on April 2nd through June 2nd at the Chester County Public Safety Training Campus in Coatesville, PA.  The registration deadline is Monday, March 1st unless the class fills early.  Please click on the following for further information:  CERT Training Spring 2018

Chester County Introduces New Smart911:  Chester County’s Director of the Department of Emergency Services, Robert J. Kagel, has introduced Smart911, a new emergency preparedness program.  Smart911 is a free services available to keep you and your family safer.  Smart911 lets you create a private and secure profile for your family, including any information you want 9-1-1 to have during an emergency.  You can include details such as a list of family members, photos, medical notes, pets and emergency contacts.  In an emergency seconds can save lives.  Take a few seconds now to plan ahead at